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Digital Cinema Package (DCP)



Ref: 660065000500

Do you need both the Carrier (Sled) and Frame for your next DCP Project?  This is one for you.

CRU-DataPort Storage Solutions for Digital Cinema

Providing the standard for duplication, distribution, ingestion, playback & mastering of digital content!

The digital cinema industry's choice 300,000+ units in the field
SATA 3.0 & 6.0 Gbps compatible (carrier and receiving frame)
USB 2.0/SATA (adapter boot "move dock")
Manufactured of rugged steel for the ultimate in drive protection
Compatible with all drive manufacturers and capacities
25,000 insertion rating between the carrier, frame & USB/SATA carrier adapter boot
OS Independent

Data Express DX115 DC

The DX115 DC was specifically designed for our Digital Cinema customers. The DX115 DC boasts our unique "Auto Start" feature which allows the DX115 DC drive carriers to be automatically powered up seconds after the carrier has been installed, without having to push the on/off button. The DX115 DC also offers a new Host Activity L.E.D feature which allows the choice of having the disk drive or the PCI host adapter control the Host Activity L.E.D on the DX115 DC Frame.

Specifications for new 6.0 Gbps SATA DX115 DC

SATA 6.0 Gbps Compatible and Compliant
Compatible and Complaint with 6.0 Gbps SATA Disk Drives and 6Gbps SATA Host Controllers
New 6Gbps "Serial Repeater Chip" located on the Frame PCB provides a more robust 6Gbps signal
Backwards Compatible with 3Gbps SATA Drives and Host Controllers
Single Port SAS Compatible (with SAS Disk Drive and SAS Host Controller)
Compatible with existing DX115 DC Carrier p/n 6601-7100-0500
On/off button will be the color BLUE for easy identification of the new 6Gbps Frames
Continues to offer the "Auto Power" feature which allows the DX115 DC drive carriers to be automatically powered up seconds after the carrier has been installed without needing to push the on/off button; in addition, the on/off button can still be used to power down the drive for safe removal
25K insertion rating between Carrier and Frame
Constructed of high quality steel/aluminum
5 year warranty for repair

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