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Digital Cinema Package (DCP)

CRU Data Express® DX115 SAS/SATA Carrier

CRU Data Express® DX115 SAS/SATA Carrier

Ref: 660771000500

The Data Express DX115 is a compact, cost-effective yet rugged, drive carrier and receiving frame for internally mounting a low-profile (up to 1" high), 3.5" form factor drive into any half-height, 5.25" peripheral bay. The DX115 removable enclosures are designed specifically to accommodate a variety of the latest PC chassis bay dimensions.


Compact enclosure with uniquely-centered drive carrier
Supports SAS and SATA 3Gb/s drives and operation
SAS receiving frame is downward-compatible with SATA drive carrier
Hot swappable
Drive carrier key lock
Drive spin/power up/down button
Power, spin & fan failure indicator
Drive activity indicator (system-dependent)
"Soft Start" circuitry & anti-static device protection
Cable-less drive connector
25K mating connector(s)
Supports up to 1" high 3.5" form factor drive
Cooling fan
Mounting hardware included
5 year warranty




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